On August 1st in 2020, I launched Prospect Collection from the appropriately named Tom’s Yard and never looked back. Of course, I didn’t realise quite how hard it would be to set up a brick-and-mortar retail business in the midst of a Global Pandemic… however, with good stock at competitive market rates, backed up by a range of contacts in the trade, I’ve managed to send my pieces around the UK with some even ending up overseas.

The main arm of the business is importing exceptionally high-quality hand-thrown terracotta from Crete, the largest island south of Greece. These decorative pots and planters, renowned for their natural appearance and stunning colour, come in a variety of beautiful designs & sizes. Even better, due to the extreme nature of the firing process, each piece is very frost-hardy and able to withstand our harsh Winters.

Alongside my Cretan terracotta, I deal in a range of garden antiques & vintage ornaments, work with an award-winning grower of beautiful Olive and Citrus Trees, work with a highly specialist (and again, award-winning) nursery selling their peat-free and organic herbs, and occasionally stock topiary at great market rates.

Business is a mixture of supplying home owners, businesses, garden designs and antique dealers with my range of  goods, so whoever you are – do not hesitate to get in touch.

My previous experience is working with Europe's leading retailer of Decorative Antiques and Garden Ornaments, running their main showroom. It was here that I developed my knowledge and eye as I supplied and assisted Private Clients, Interior Designers and Dealers from around the globe in their hunt for beautiful and authentic pieces. Whilst I already had a passion for history and the outdoors, it was here that I discovered a love for unique objects and knew that it was only time until I started my own business. The light bulb moment hit me when one day I was out for a hike up the Malvern Hills and realised, there’s never going to be a better time - so why not now!


Get in touch if you are looking for a specific piece you may have seen in a magazine or garden. Sourcing is one of the best challenges of the job.


Through experience in the Trade, I have a network of reliable couriers who can delivery to anywhere in the UK (including the islands).

I hope to see you soon - Thomas Pearson