Fresh into the Country from the Continent, these Sicilian Lemon Trees are already bearing small fruits.


Available to buy or order in two standard sizes.


Small / approx 65cm excl. pot Large / approx 140cm excl. pot


A great way to bring some colour to your patio or balcony, Lemon Trees make lovely stand alone features on a patio or in a bright room in the summer. These will fruit and flower on and off throughout the season and are favoured for their fragrant blossom (and fruits!).


They are best grown outdoors from May to October, and brought inside for the winter.


A lemon tree that’s looked after will fruit until early Autumn. Don't be alarmed if the fruit is green. It will ripen after some time in the sun.

Sicilian Lemon Trees

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  • Lemon trees love a sunny, sheltered well drained site; a south facing position is ideal with around 6 - 8 hours of sunlight per day. Keep your lemon tree in a less windy spot as it dislikes strong winds, but ensure to provide good airflow.


    Keep some fleece handy in case of sudden cold nights in Spring. Low temperatures will inhibit flowering and may cause damage or even death. A minimum winter night temperature of 10°C is needed for lemons.


    Centrally-heated rooms are not ideal for citrus as they are generally too hot, lack humidity and light leading to stress