This mature olive tree has developed an unusual straight but crooked trunk. Perfect for presenting in a Pot.

A large healthy crown, prune it to your desired look.
Overall height inc. pot: 220cm
Main Tunk height: 39cm
Pot size: 35ltr
Pot height: 35cm

Short Mature Olive Tree 5

  • Olive trees love a sunny, sheltered well drained site; a south facing position is ideal, however it’s not essential as long as there is lots of sunlight and the soil is well drained. A well drained soil can be achieved by digging in lots of grit before planting. Wind is not a problem for olives - they can even cope in a seaside location with salt laden winds. The same conditions apply for container grown olives, potting up with a mixture of John Innes No.3 and multipurpose compost, ideally with some added grit for drainage.