Olive tree hedging, the perfect way to add a Mediterranean vibe to your home and garden. 
Whilst not as common as our Islands use of Box or Yew, Olives are a perfect alternagive as they are evergreen and have an attractive silvery tone to the tough, slender leaves.
These are also popular as features planted in containers. Train your bush as it develops the look you desire.
Discounts available for quantities - get in touch to discuss quantities.
Remember to prune/clip you screening trees to promote multiple new shoots keeping the plants full of leaf.
Approx height inc. pot: 100cm
Pot size:  7.5 ltr
Pot height: 20cm

Olive Tree Hedging

  • Olive trees love a sunny, sheltered well drained site; a south facing position is ideal, however it’s not essential as long as there is lots of sunlight and the soil is well drained. A well drained soil can be achieved by digging in lots of grit before planting. Wind is not a problem for olives - they can even cope in a seaside location with salt laden winds. The same conditions apply for container grown olives, potting up with a mixture of John Innes No.3 and multipurpose compost, ideally with some added grit for drainage.