A hand-decorated stoneware Bowl by local artist Jo Sterrick.


A beautiful piece to use as a bird bath or to feature as tableware around an outdoor seating area or kitchen. Stand optional at no extra cost.


Height on its own / 8cm

Height including stand / 13cm

Diameter / 33cm


Fired in a kiln up to 1260 celsius, this 'toastie brown' coloured clay is finished with a deeper brown iron oxide finish. No glaze.


As the clay is fired at such a high temperature it has vetrified giving it glass-like properties. Each piece is capable of holding water and is exceptionally frost-hardy.

Nuevo Bowl 1 by Jo Sterrick

  • Jo Sterrick is a ceramicist creating everything from small decorations to large garden pieces as well as gifts and more functional ware. Jo has been working with ceramics since 2010, starting as a hobby Jo now exhibits and sells her work at Craft fairs as well as from her online shop ‘Twoo studio’.

    She is excited to now have the space for her own studio after relocating to the Herefordshire countryside in late 2020, and looks forward to being able to dedicate more time to her love of making ceramics.

  • Jo takes much of her inspiration from the natural environment be it from the colours, textures or patterns. Carefully selecting different clays to best reflect their natural qualities in the finished pieces.

    Jo lovingly makes everything by hand from start to finish, taking her work all the way from the initial design stage through to carefully finishing each individual piece.