Here is a fascinating herb which is the true source of the oil or essence of Eau de Cologne. Bruise or squeeze the foliage gently between the finger and the thumb to really bring forth the true scent or essence.


During the summer months a plant kept in any room in the house can assist in deterring the nuisance of flies. Although nowadays there are many products that release harmful poisonous vapours to eliminate flies chemically, Eau de Cologne Mint is safe and can be grown in a pot on a windowsill.


It naturally dies back in winter and will break out into growth in the new year. It is a good plant to have near drains to deter flies as it is hardy and will grow outside in the garden.


It belongs to the mint family and the foliage can be used as you would other mints, for making a mint sauce. The thought of mint sauce smelling of Eau de Cologne might not appeal to your palate but the scent changes when prepared in this way and likewise a sprig placed with potatoes when cooking imparts a distinct flavour that some find most palatable..


Recommended by the RHS to be an excellent attractant and nectar source for bees and other beneficial insects.


If mosquitoes are troublesome rub a bruised leaf on your forehead and neck at bed time or if caravanning or camping - it keeps the perishers away!


Grown in an organic and peat-free environment.

Mint Eau de Cologne