An uncommon opportuniuty to purchase a mature specimen of this species, Pittosporum tobia is a reccomended plant by the RHS for Pollinators.
A popular low maintenance evergreen happy in full sun or shade, this features slowly forming neat domes of glossy green foliage. An ideal plant for...
	Adding formal structure without the fuss of topiary
	Mediteraniean gardens

In a good summer it produces small heads of creamy-white highly scented flowers giving rise to the common name 'Japanese Mock Orange'.
Pittosporum are evergreen shrubs or trees with simple, leathery leaves and small, often fragrant, 5-petalled flowers, followed by spherical, woody fruits splitting to reveal seeds embedded in sticky pulp
P. tobira 'Nanum' is a small, dense, slow-growing, evergreen shrub to about 1m with leathery, glossy, obovate leaves, and large, terminal umbels of small, sweetly-scented flowers opening white, soon turning yellow, in late spring and early summer
Grow outdoors in moist but well-drained soil in full sun. Good in containers or planted directly into the ground. Younger plants appreciate protection from cold winds. Pruning group 1, this requires light, infrequent pruning. Remove damaged shoots.
You can propagate by taking  semi-hardwood cuttings.

Extra Large Pittosporum tobia Nanum