Through a collaboration with a local Artisan comes my range of very robust, made-to-order, frost-resistant, terracotta Rhubarb Forcers.


These days, terracotta forcers are admired for their architectural strength, set amongst flowers in borders. However, with gardening on the rise, (particularly after 2020) more people are resorting to using them for their original purpose.


The simple process of halting natural light from reaching the rhubarb turns the stems a delicate pink colour (and also stops the build up of acidity). This results in a delightfully tasty harvest.


With a display model in the Yard for viewing, each order takes around 10 weeks from order to collection. Collection can be made directly from the Pottery, a beautiful drive to East Wales, or from Hereford.


With antique models fetching a pretty penny, these are a good price and more importantly support local talent.


Height / 68cm

Base Diameter / 42cm

Top Diameter / 20cm

Hand-Thrown Terracotta Rhubarb Forcers