A highly detailed late 19th Century bronze Crane standing on a later zinc/aluminium base. 
A beautiful Period example of the Japanese influence that swept through late Victorian Britain.
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Height / 95cm
Until the mid-late 19th Century, Chinoiserie reigned supreme. Since the early 17th Century, Trading Companies had been importing delicate porcelains from China, supplying the libraries of high-society with highly sought-after collectables.
In the 18th Century Designers such as William Halfpenny and Thomas Chippendale produced some of their most notable work to the Chinese taste.
The turning point was in 1853 when, after approximately 200 years, Japan adapted its foreign policy. The result of this change was a new wave of exotic items were now available for Collectors to bring back home. 

As the Victorians were plant obsessed, the planting of Acers & Azaleas were the first new development and by the '90s entire gardens were being dedicated to the new Oriental style.
The pinnacle of the new movement was the Japan-British Exhibition (1910) when over 400 Japanese firms brought their finest pieces to a large exhibition in London.

Antique Bronze Crane