A 19th Century fluted terracotta chimney pot stamped 'H Doulton & Co 95'.


The top has been 'plugged' with a cast stone mix to turn the pot into a plinth. This should not be difficult to remove if required.


Height / 61cm

Width / 34.5cm

Top Width / 24.5cm


H Doulton & Co were a very successful firm manufacturing pipes, glazed stonewares and other industrial goods (notably bricks).


Henry Doulton started his professional career as an Apprentice in his Father's firm Doulton & Watts (later Doulton & Co and then Royal Doulton).


In 1846 he established his own firm and operated the first factory producing ceramic pipes. Henry's pipes were key in tackling London's sanitary crisis.


  • In 1851 Henry Doulton & Co and Doulton & Watts were awarded a joint award at the Great Exhibition.
  • In 1973 Henry Doulton & Co were awarded Medals of Merit at the Vienna Exhibition.
  • In 1887 Henry was knighted.

H Doulton & Co. Chimney Pot