An antique print of a Buzzard perched on a branch professionally framed in a style that works and compliments the age and Period of the print.


Features superb detail to the overall piece with an attractive speckled chest.


Now the commonest and most widespread UK bird of prey. The buzzard is quite large with broad, rounded wings, and a short neck and tail. When gliding and soaring it will often hold its wings in a shallow 'V' and the tail is fanned. Buzzards are variable in colour from all dark brown to much paler variations, all have dark wingtips and a finely barred tail.


The print is an authentic original from "A History of British Birds",  published in London, 1870.


The print itself is in great condition but there may be minor blemishes to the paper commensurate with age - as to be expected with any paper material 150 years old.


With string on the back and foam padded corners this is ready to hang.


Height / 27.5cm

Width / 20cm

Depth / 2.5cm

Antique 1870 Framed Buzzard Print