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Todays Import - A New Model!

Hello happy gardeners!

This morning my latest import of Cretan terracotta pots arrived. The import of 270 pots features a return of my best selling pots and I have been able to make space for a good number of a new model - the Roubakia.

The Roubakia is a beautiful planter. Featuring a shapely design, handles, soft decoration and that Cretan colour we all adore - it's perfect for making beautiful displays. Go wild with colour and foliage or keep it simple by opting for a tree with generous underplanting. The options are endless!

Measuring 65 x 65cm, the price is falling in at £225 per pot. Having done a quick search last night, there are 3 other importers in the country who stock similarly shaped pots. Their prices fall in at...

  • 60 x 70cm - £380

  • 62 x 68cm - £250

  • 60 x 60cm - £245

As always, I endeavour to offer Cretan terracotta pots at the UK's most competitive prices.

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