Thomas Writes: An Update - What's going on at Tom's Yard?

Happy Bank Holiday! Now we are in Spring I wanted to take some time to keep you up to date with some recent developments and future plans...

Cretan Terracotta

I currently have a large quantity of terracotta being thrown by my Pottery over in Crete. I expect the order to arrive in around June (however sooner the better!). Similar to my last import, this will be made up of a mixture of practical planters and some more decorative accents. After seeing what works and after hearing what people are after, there are some new and returning models on the way including both smaller and larger planters and a wider range of decorative vessels similar to the Amphora. I already have a list of Clients who have shown interest in specific pots, so let me know if there is something you are after and I can add your name to this list. Like last time, it will take me a few days to get the stock organised and catalogued once it arrives, however people who have shown prior interest will receive pictures and information before the information goes out to the public.

Citrus Trees

Having had great success with my Olive Trees at the start of the Spring season, I have recently tested the waters with a batch of Sicilian Lemon Trees. Similar to the Olives, these went down very well - so off the back of this I plan to expand the range to include Lime and Orange Trees. Current prices for my Lemon Trees are £54 and £130. All are currently in fruit with some still blooming their sweet-smelling perfumed flowers. Prices for Oranges and Limes may vary, however these figures give you an idea. These are beautiful trees and as always, I price my stock as competitively as possible for the quality they are. If you're tempted by sweet deals online (it happens to the best of us!) just be cautious. I have already spoken to a handful of people wishing they had spent more on a plant after receiving an under-whelming specimen in the post.

Olive Trees

As the latest stock from Italy rolls in through the gates, some are beginning to arrive with crowns full of buds. Fingers crossed, I am full of hope these will eventually turn into fruit! With a number of sizes in stock and trees available to order at set prices, if you are looking for a specific shape or a number of specimens then get in touch. Unlike many sellers, I am exceptionally lucky that I am able to hand-pick my stock. This means that each tree has been personally select by me for a number of reasons from the shape and growth of the crown to the characteristics of the trunk.