Thomas Writes: A Quick Update... Plants!

Well... following a tough start to 2021 (note; selling garden ornaments and terracotta pots in Winter during a lockdown isn't a walk in the park!) March has arrived and has been received with open arms!

The Yard is now looking tip-top, fully stocked with a mixture of frost-resistant Cretan terracotta pots, Period garden ornaments and an array of salvaged garden accessories from galvanised planters to weathered statues. More recently, the most significant change to my collection of garden goodies is plants.

So rather than going down the route of bright and colourful boarder fillers, I'm testing options that offer more of a feature to your space.

If you are a private home or business (hotel, pub, corporate...) looking for a certain quantity, or you want a specific style of tree, then let's have a chat to see how I can arrange what you need.

I'm working with multiple sources, really shopping around, to ensure you receive the most affordable prices and straight away the feedback has been incredible, particularly with the olive trees.

Olive Trees

Through working alongside an importer and grower from the Continent, I have direct access to hundreds... thousands of olive trees at very good market rates. Available in all shapes and sizes from young trees to more gnarly specimens, they are tested for Xyllela. Top left going clockwise...

1) One-off Mature Olive Tree / Bush. 45ltr pot, around 160cm tall. £175.

2) Cutesy, young trees. Around 65cm tall with good crowns. £18.

3) Very unusual, small but mature trees. Around 85cm tall, perfect for tables. £115.

4) One-off Mature Olive Tree. 45ltr pot, over 7ft tall. £240.

Phormium's, £95

Available as mature plants in large 20ltr pots, Phormium were the perfect contender for a plant under £100 that could add a real wow factor to you garden. Whether you are planting into a container or directly into the ground, they are very low maintenance.

Pictured above, Pink Stripe was my first choice. I find the bold pink boarder around the edge of each leaf very attractive and the size of the more mature 'swords' are amazing!

The second was Plants Black... Less architectural than pink stripe, these are perfect for pots with a mass of chocolate-purple'y leaves shooting all over the place. Also useful as a backdrop creating focus for smaller, lighter plants placed in front in a boarder.

The humble Bay Tree, £44

Found dressing entrances and patios around the UK, the bay tree is very popular. Low maintenance in nature (just don't over-water), they are perfect for containers. I chose to stock half-standard size trees with healthy heads, ensuring you receive great value for money.

Yellow Bamboo, £60

A RHS recommended plant, yellow bamboo's are a great feature. Ideal for containers as the roots have a habit of spreading unless contained (though not as invasive as other species such as nigra), the rich yellow canes and green leaves really stand out. Very low maintenance, they just require a good amount of water in the growing season.

Cupressus Castlewellan Gold 'Pom Pom', £190 (Pair for £360)

Simply put, rather sensational! Perfect in scale for dressing larger properties, these fun x formal architectural Evergreen accents are a true eye catcher. Like the rest of my plants, very low maintenance - these will require simple shaping a few times a year.