Thomas Reads: The Story of the English Garden

Published through National Trust Books, Author Ambra Edwards dissects the history of the English Garden and explores the influences our ancestors have been subject to over the past 1000 years.

Starting from the Medieval Period - Edwards guides us through the grounds of produce-loving Monasteries, 16th Century conceptual gardens, the green landscape parks of the 18th Century, through to the developments of the past 50 years.

A mixture of history, biographies, stories, and exceptional imagery, helps us to understand prominent gardens and individuals such as Dyrham Park and William Kent.

The main text is occasionally broken up with an exciting 2-page feature explaining a key element from that period. Ha-Ha's, Grotto's and Ruins are subject to Edwards brilliant research. For example, the section on 'Chinese Style' includes photographs of examples from Biddulph Grange, Croome Court and Beloton House.

This book provides great inspiration for your own garden and the next time you visit a Country House you will see the grounds in a new light!

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