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The Pots Are In!

As you may have already seen…Thursday was THE day my long-awaited import finally arrived! It’s been a busy few days unloading them, arranging the display and processing orders. I've had quite the backlog of Clients keen for my pots!

The new Fatsia Pot. £260.

First off I wanted to apologise for the delay. Sadly, due to the earthquakes in Crete last year, my Pottery was hit and suffered great delays.

To thank-you for your continued support of the Yard, I am offering 10% off all purchases made in The Yard or over the phone by Sunday 4.00.

The new Bia vessel. £165.

Due to further increases with regards to the cost of importing goods to the UK, (my payment to HMRC increased by 181%!) I have done everything I can to maintain my low prices. You should find that all of my pots are still priced more competitively than other, more established, importers and some have seen no increases.

Thank you all for your continued support of my business and I really do hope to meet you in person soon.

Yours, Thomas Edward Pearson

The new Fraska planter. £65.

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