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Read This! Shade

A new release for April 2022 - Author Susanna Grant (Writer, Gardener and Co-Founder of Linda) invites us into the world of shade loving plants.

When it comes to planting a shaded spot, so many people often think of the same old hostas and ferns or, without the knowledge or confidence of selecting more unusual plants, leave these areas bare. Shaded areas shouldn't be seen as a limitation - but rather a whole new area to adorn with stunning and luscious plants.

Writing her book from her own professional and personal gardening experiences, you can rest assured that Susanna's plant choices are tried and tested.

'Shade' takes you through the simple process of figuring out the aspect of your garden, providing you with examples of the various types of shade (dappled, damp/dry, semi, light...), some solid gardening and planning tips, to finishing with a thorough plant directory of around 170 plants over the following categories:-

  • Bulbs

  • Climbers

  • Roses

  • Shrubs

  • Groundcover

  • Ferns

  • Grasses

  • Perennials

  • Trees

  • Edibles

In essence, this is a very reader-friendly handbook that can be used by garden lovers of all levels. New / hobby gardeners will benefit from a read through the entire book and more experienced gardeners may simply find Susanna's plant directory very inspiring.

So many gardening books have either a dated feel, or may be somewhat intimidating for novice gardeners. However, in the case of Shade, this book is modern, relatable and easy to read.

Anyone with shade in their garden will benefit from this book. A bold statement, but one I'm happy to stand by!

Purchase your copy below on the Bloom Magazine website

Shade by Susanna Grant

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