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Pop-Up: Harp Studio @ Mole Cottage

On Saturday 4th of December (10.00 - 19.00) and Saturday 11th December (10.00 - 16.00) the stylish and equally delightful Justine is holding an open house pop-up at her beautifully curated holiday home in Presteigne, Mole Cottage.

Justine, owner of Harp Studio, resides within the old town of Presteigne. A beautifully untouched area known for its countryside, Victorian (and earlier Period) architecture and top-tier traditional antique shops including Chapellane Antiques, Courtyard Antiques and Period Oak Antiques.

Absolutely worth the trip - her taste is minimal, authentic and very trendy (without trying!).

On display will be a number of my Cretan Terracotta Amphora and vintage terracotta oil pots, along with some more unusual plants and a hand-picked selection of my antique and salvaged garden stock.

Whilst you are there do make sure to have a look at her range of made to order upholstery. It's comfortable, totally original, and quite frankly very special... my honest thoughts (and I've not been asked to say this!).

Campaign Sofa / £3,000 - £3,700 (Dec 2021)

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