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Dalefoot Peat-Free Potting Compost

It's that time of the year! With the sun making an appearance, gardeners are emerging from beneath their woolly blankets and prepping for the coming Season.

For specialist retailers like me, that means getting getting into sixth gear, finding new suppliers, and ultimately stocking up!

From today I am officially stocking Dalefoot's Peat-Free Wool Potting Compost.

Who are Dalefoot?

Since 1997 Dalefoot have been independent manufacturers of wool-based, peat-free compost. From their farm in the Lake District, they source their ingredients from the rich surrounding countryside using bracken, wool and comfrey as main ingredients.

Dalefoot's Potting Compost is....

  • Great quality

  • Peat-Free

  • Organic

  • Rich in long lasting nutrients

  • Water-retentive

  • Made from sustainable ingredients

Why did I choose Dalefoot as my 2022 supplier?

Well, I'm very active on instagram (@toms_yard). Over 2021 I noticed their name frequently pop up from many of the gardeners and Horticulturalists I follow. With a first-hand insight into what the professionals are choosing - it was enough to persuade me to switch from Melcourt's SylvaGrow!


Sold by the 30ltr bag for £10.99 (RRP £11.75) for Clients after bulk quantities I can have 800litres shipped directly to your home by the 'builders bag'. That's around 27 bags... so why not split an order with a friend (or two!).

Now for those of you who loved the SylvaGrow Multipurpose, it may make a return in the future... But at the end of the day, whatever brand you choose to use and whether you buy from me or somewhere else - just use peat-free 💚

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