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Channel 4: Open House: The Great Sex Experiment

Back in 2021 a large project began (something that has certainly caused its fair share of jokes and giggles in the Yard!)

The Art Director of Firecracker Productions got in touch. He was shooting the brand new series Open House: The Great Sex Experiment at a local Country House and was in a pickle.

Due to the recent pandemic he had a limited crew and few local contacts. He needed supply of stylish pots and plants to dress areas around the house and around the pool area. The owner of the estate, a good friend of the business, kindly insisted that by dealing with me I'll solve all of his issues.

And so I did!

We agreed a rental scheme for numerous plants and pots, I helped him source further plants from a contact at a local nursery and I even arranged further labour to help out in the short-staffed Art Department.

The whole installation and de-rig was a fantastic experience working with carpenters, artists and producers - particularly in such a beautiful setting.

To watch Open House: The Great Sex Experiment, head over to Channel 4 (4od). Just make sure the children are in bed.

And yes, as one Client cleverly remarked - it seems olive trees are the new pampas grass!

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