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Campaign #TimeForTurf

A new campaign we can all get behind is the #TimeForTurf Campaign set up by Horticulturalists Paula Warman and Charlotte Howard.

The basis of the campaign is to spread awareness about the supposed 'benefits' of artificial grass and why we should promote natural lawns over 'recycled' and 'eco-friendly' plastic mats. This campaign and its material been put together and researched by two professionals with years of experience in their respective fields.

Take a few minutes to look through their researched document on the PDF link below or listen to Paula and Charlotte's chat by following the link HERE. If you are failing to download the pdf or want a quick summary, then have a scan through some Q&A's I've copied below.

TimeForTurf Artificial Grass Report
Download PDF • 5.98MB

Q: Aren't artificial lawns low maintenance?

Unfortunately not! It is basically like having a carpet in your garden. You will need to sweep it regularly to prevent a build-up of organic matter.

Q: But I don't have time to mow my lawn, help?

That’s fine! Many of us don’t, with life having so many pulls on our time. Mowing is boring and I personally hate mowing. There are alternatives though. Did you know for the price of a fake lawn you could pay a gardener to mow your lawn AND tend your garden for 17 – 18 years?

Q: I’m disabled and can’t mow the lawn. How can I have a patch of green, and be independent?

That is completely understandable. If I can’t persuade you to take on a gardener (remember that artificial lawns need regular maintenance too), then what about looking at a Tapestry Lawn?

Q: Isn't artificial grass great for kids?

No, it really isn’t, as it gets incredibly hot in the summer as this picture proves. That is unless you spend a fortune on a specially treated lawn.

According to independent studies, injury risk rates on artificial sports pitches are 88% higher and the risk of serious concussion is 22% higher than playing on real grass. As anyone who has fallen over on artificial grass will tell you, the carpet burns and grazes they can give you are very painful! In hot temperatures those burns can be really serious, I’ll save you the horror of an image but just look up ‘Turf burn’ to see what I mean.

Q: But what about the mud with real grass?

I’ve worked on hundreds of gardens in my time, I have never known them to be muddy because we maintained the lawns correctly.

Q: But I heard that artificial lawns are eco friendly?

Unfortunately, this is the biggest lie of all. Let’s start with the unavoidable fact that most artificial grass is non-recyclable.

Q: Aren't mowers bad? They use fossil fuels.

Artificial grass is made of fossil fuels and is shipped from China, across the world, using fossil fuels.

Q: Doesn't artificial grass avoid chemical use?

Real grass doesn’t need any chemicals.

Q: But fake grass doesn't need watering?

Neither does real grass.

Q: But won't it pay for itself because it’s a one-off purchase?

With an average lifespan of 7-10 years, your artificial grass will need replacing many times in one generation. Artificial grass is not cheap.

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