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30% Clearance Sale, Aidos Range

A somewhat different range of terracotta pots from Crete; Smooth sides, crisp edges and an unusual form. Far from the traditional style of pot Crete is known for!

As I've just discovered that I have another 250+ pots on the way (due in September) I need to clear some space!

  • Large / 65 x 45cm, £160 DOWN TO £112

  • Standard / 50 x 40cm, £85 DOWN TO £59.50

After having a look around I do believe that I'm the only importer in the UK who stocks this shape. They've trickled out this year but not fast enough to warrant pallet space in the Yard.

Stocks are already low so do not delay. Due to their shape these are a pickle to send on a pallet so collection / personal delivery is preferred.

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