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Nutscene Twine

Loved by gardeners for the past 100 years, Nutscene produces high-quality Jute twine and still uses their original winding machines from 1922. Fully biodegradable, their spools and balls all dispense from the centre making them easy to work with.

Nutscene Heritage Jute Twine.jpg

The name Nutscene comes from the huge success of their original dark-green jute twine. When used by gardeners to tie up plants, the colour of the twine blended into the garden and it was 'not seen'!


Still to this day their range of heritage jute twines is their best-selling product. Whether you use it in the garden, in the kitchen, classroom or craft room, Nutscene remains the original and best producer of quality colourful jute twines.


Often copied, never beaten! 

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