Cretan Terracotta Pots

At Tom's Yard you will find the UK's most competitively priced selection of genuine pottery stamped, hand-thrown Cretan terracotta pots and planters.

Working directly with an established pottery in Crete, I import a wide range of terracotta to include large planters, small pots and beautiful ornamental vessels.

Not local? Not to worry. Through access to a national pallet service and multiple couriers I am able to send my terracotta around the UK and abroad.
Get in touch to discuss trade supply, shipping quotations and any other questions.

Why buy Cretan Terracotta?

Cretan Terracotta is far from being just another mass market terracotta product... 

Each piece is thrown by hand on a traditional potters wheel, fired in a kiln for 3 days, and then left to soak in water for 2. This intense process, a technique passed down from one generation to the next, results in each pot being exceptionally frost-hardy and ultimately a piece of art.

No synthetic materials are used in the production of this terracotta - just pure clay. And it's this very special clay, only local to a particular region in Crete, that gives this terracotta its glorious pale colour.


Even better, plants LOVE terracotta due to the following benefits... 

 Terracotta is porous, meaning air and water is able to pass through, ultimately saving your precious plants from root rot and over-watering.

 In hot weather the evaporation of water from the exterior keeps the root ball inside nice and cool. In the winter the wall provides insulation and helps avoid sudden changes in temperature.

 Terracotta will draw the water out of soil to help it dry quicker. A great help in colder climates like ours. 

 Terracotta pots may be used for indoor plants along with outdoor container gardening.