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Arras Garden Furniture

At Tom's Yard we favour timeless design over the latest trends. That's why Thomas is ecstatic to introduce you to his range of hand-made Arras garden furniture.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Our workshop in Europe painstakingly reproduces Arras garden furniture, exactly replicating the original 19th Century garden furniture made famous from the town of Arras, France. With the signature hoof feet and comfortable, supportive backrests, my range is designed to ensure comfort and longevity.

Each piece is entirely hand-made.

Compared to the price of original Arras furniture, now often rusty and hard to find, we hope you find this range as exciting as we do!

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The French antique garden furniture is named after the town where it was produced, Arras (Northern France). Production began in around 1840 when a local factory chose to specialise and start producing garden furniture to meet the growing market of those enjoying outdoor living.

Over the years it has become an icon of French design and, in more recent years the style, has seen a resurgence in popularity with original pieces now commanding a pretty price tag.

What gives Arras its reputation is its look, components and how it's made.

First and foremost, the feet. Pre-1900 a more traditional lions paw design was used. Then after the turn of the Century a sleeker hoof design was introduced which turned out to be more desirable. My workshop produces all of their furniture with the hoof design.

Unlike regular benches utilising flat slats, Arras furniture is produced with curved bars. Picture a spherical rod sliced in half all the way along.

Whilst this ends up using more raw material, the benefit is that the curved design provides better structure, water slides off the reducing rusting and there is more comfort. Rounded edges are comfier than flat edges!

Cretan Terracotta Pots: Image

Old VS New

Reproduction pieces made right are just as good as original pieces. Though they don't have the french chic look of layers of paint over rusty metal, they are a lot easier to find and don't carry the same price tag.

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